Ana Canas Delgado Martins

EMAIL: · COUNTRY: Portugal · SCIENCE ID: 3B11-5C63-EBE0 · ORCID: 0000-0003-0566-0836 · CURRENT AFFILIATION: Arquivo Histórico Ultramarino/DGLAB; Centro de História da Universidade de Lisboa ,Portugal

Research fellow at Centre for History of the University of Lisbon and director of the Overseas Historical Archive. PhD in Library and Information Studies (University College London, 2004), Master in Early Modern History of Portugal and Degree in History (School of Arts and Humanities / FLUL, ULisboa, 1990 and 1981). Participation in research projects involving Portuguese colonial archival heritage and principal investigator in two of them. She taught at the FLUL, ULisboa and at the FCSH, NOVA and has been member of juries of academic degrees. Her main fields of research, publication and other activities concern Archival Studies and History.

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