Optimistic Suburbia 4 – Full Papers’ Booklet

Optimistic Suburbia 2 – Book of Abstract

Optimistic Suburbia – The students’ perspective

Uncle George’s Playground. Mass Housing for Kids

Parque infantil do tio Jorge: Habitação para muita gente, contado às crianças

ИГРАЛИШТЕТО НА ЧИЧКО ЃОРЃИ, Колективното домување за деца

Public Policies on Middle-Class Mass Housing in Europe and Leveraging Contemporary Architecture Interventions. MCMH Atlas Working Group 3

European Middle-Class Mass Housing LEXICON. MCMH Atlas Working Group 2

European Middle-Class Mass Housing: Past and Present of the Modern Community. MCMH Atlas Working Group 1

Arquitecturas Coloniais Africanas no fim do “Império Português” / ”African Colonial Architecture at the end of the “Portuguese Empire”