European Middle Class Mass Housing (MCMH-EU), COST Action CA18137

Dominance and mass-violence through Housing and Architecture during colonial wars. The Portuguese case (Guinea-Bissau, Angola, Mozambique): colonial documentation and post-independence critical assessment.

MCMH: Middle Class Mass Housing in Europe, Africa and Asia

“Cuando la Vivienda Colectiva era Moderna. DesdePortugal a otros territorios de expresión portuguesa. 1948-1974”

Optimistic Suburbia II – Middle-Class Large Housing Complexes” International Conference

OS2 – An itinerary through Oeiras (Lisbon Metropolitan Area)

OS2 – The New State and the Areeiro neighbourhood in Lisbon

OS2 – Mem Martins(Lisbon Metropolitan Area)

OS2 – From Massamá to Monte Abraão, through Queluz National Palace(an itinerary through the Lisbon Metropolitan Area)

OS2 – Tabaqueira neighborhood (Sintra) Residential structure for industrialworkers (1962-1974)