“Beyond Modern Housing Heritage of Portuguese Influence, an Optimistic Architecture for Living. Comparative and Multi-Situated Perspectives on Modern Dwellings and Surroundings”

Inês Lima Rodrigues DOCTORAL THESIS

The proposal explores the innovative design of the modern lifestyle achieved in modern Portuguese expression. Reloading collective housing as the core of optimistic architecture aims to establish a framework of conceptual thinking on the significance of this housing heritage, its preservation, and some of the pivotal issues concerning renewal and valorisation. Comparative studies on residential complexes built after the Second World War will assess the impact of the building boom in Lisbon, Recife, Luanda, Maputo and Macao. Studying modern domestic spaces will trace their growth and undoubted contributions to raising challenges and procedures for preserving collective housing, examining the resilience of these complexes, including the residents’ aspirations today. Confirming that living in a well-lit, airy and energy-efficient house is a decisive variable in future urban life and the maintenance of modern heritage, the project’s main goal is to map the form of modern dwelling.

2023 – 2029
FCT - Iscte-IUL [2022.00268]
Group of students at a drawing board in the Architecture Department
of the Lisbon School of Fine Arts, ca. 1978.
[Facebook group "ESBAL arquitectura 1982"].